About Dr. Murthy

Padmini ( Mini) is a physician, public health ,professional, activist, author, inspirational speaker , radio show host , NGO leader and professor She is a mother, sister, wife and considers herself a global citizen.

She was born and raised in India and is widely travelled visited all continents except Antarctica .
She has over 30 years of experience in different areas of the health sector.

Mini thinks she was born with an activist gene and attributes her advocacy and wanting to make a difference attitude to her parents especially her mom who instilled the value of giving back and helping those who are lesser fortunate.

Core Competencies

Social Responsibility Program Development

Communications, Media, & Event Planning

Strategic Partnerships & Relationships

Budget & Project Management

Fundraising & Public Relations

International Healthcare Multi-sectoral Experience

NGO Operations, Management & Advocacy

Stakeholder Engagement & Leadership

Community Outreach & Networking

Diplomacy in Global Health Promotion

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